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WELCOME TO HIKING & TREKKING COMPANY MOUNT ABU Mount abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station situated amongst lush green forests on a mountain top at the south western end of the Aravali Hills. The town is surrounded by a rich density of flora and fauna as it is home to the 289-kilometer Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary which extends over most of the mountain from an altitude of 300 meters upwards. Most of the plants in the forest are used for their medicinal properties by locals and hermits for the production of Ayurvedic medicine.

The Sanctuary abounds in Kachnar, Karonda jamun, Mango, Khajur (dates) and Amla and other herbs and plants with medicinal value.The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 112 plant families; most of these species are dicots and the rest are monocots. Many of these species are very rare and threatened. Mount abu hiking & trekking company is name of leading tour and trade enterprise located at mount abu rajasthan,our company is engaged in offering various services to nature lover and to those who love to travel & explore natural beauty, one can take a spectacular view of the grasslands and water bodies which are present on the trails. When you indulge in trekking in the jungles of Mount Abu, the sight of the sun rise and sun set can steal away anyone's heart. Trekking here, you can view the diversity in the topography present in the mountains situated in different positions within the range of mountains.( trekking mount abu to Understand Who We Are & Our Place in the Universe).while trekking with us. one can view the cavities IN VOLCANIC MOUNTAIN which have been carved in the igneous rocks due to the wind erosion which happens in this location. Trekking in these cavities is an amazing
experience for nature lovers,

Apart from trekking in the mountain ranges of Mt. Abu, one can also enjoy adventure activities such as rappelling, rock climbing spelunking and bird watching here. The fascination of finding trekking route by climbing rocks is just beyond words to express. (There are few experiences that open up not just your heart but also the lungs and your mind and trekking mount abu does just that). trekking mount abu is the best possible way to experience the local flavours of the destination. With the pace under your command, stop at leisure – meet people who live on and around there so called tribles of aravalis , try native cuisine , make new friends and come back with an interesting tale of your own )

Trekking mount abu gives us a break from our ordinary routine and a chance to reconnect with the natural world and ourselves. Hiking and trekking mount abu or adventure activities can be a time to let your mind soar and contemplate the most difficult problems and abstract ideas. Hiking gives us a chance to leave our mechanized way of life behind for awhile at least and to begin reclaiming our soul's heritage.
While you are at mount abu trekking and enjoying nature you may from time to time feel a presence that communicates with you through the natural beauty , calmness and tranquility of your surroundings. That presence is your higher self or the deeper, more enduring part of you. Learn to listen to it. It often comes to us as a few moments of wonder while we are observing the magnificence of nature beauty.. Our company is a group of professionals trekking guides and mountaineers, engaged in serving our clients well, offering them utmost satisfaction, ( Hiking- trekking and computer seems like two entirely different worlds,but the internet connect outdoor fanatics everyday, outdoor and technology together provide a user best experience at mount abu trekking with company. Hiking and trekking isn’t just a hobby it’s a lifestyle too).

Hiking and trekking company mount abu range of services includes natural wildlife, tourist attractions, fauna and flora of Mt Abu, and beautiful vistas of Mt Abu, With our experience in trekking, mountaineering, cultural, Eco and Special interest Tours, we render our services with excellence. We are a very client oriented organization and thus charge a very reasonable and affordable sum for our services. Owing to our amicable services and affordable charges, we have successfully garnered a huge clientele. All our clients approach us again and again to satisfy their travel requirements. In other words, we have successfully maintained goodwill in the market. Besides, we have maintained enduring relations with our entire clientele. This would not have been possible without the commendable support of our dedicated and experienced professionals, who understand our clients’ requirements and design itineraries accordingly. In nutshell, our professionals are our real asset and contributing constantly in making us what we are today so come with us in the journney of wilderness,nature and calmness in jungle on mount abu We offer a brilliant vistas walking along the treks,uphill,downhill don’t be awaited and be the first among your friends and family to enjoy the harrowing experience of aravalli mountain with hiking and trekking company mount abu. the oldest mountain ranges among the world and enjoy the time in the mountains at mount abu trekking with hiking & trekking company.so trek with HIKING AND TREKKING COMPANY MOUNT ABU . and explore the unexplore nature with professionals...and
nature boys...@

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Trek Itinerary

Trevors Tank Trail

Pick up from hotel proceed to
trevors tank entrance
gate.passing through rugged
path after 30 min we reach at trevors tank
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Plummy Trek

Drive from hotel to starting
point at pilgrim road, passing
through human settlement for
25 minuts reach at lovely
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Palanpur Point

Pick up from hotel to starting
point at filter house trails
starts passing through narrow
lane of bushes after 2 hrs
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Eagle Peak Trail

Pick up from the hotel at
starting point at sant sarover
lake. introduction by trek
leader trail is combination of
steep ascent and
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Craigs Trails

Pick-up from hotel to our
starting point at adhar devi
temple circle proceed passing
150 years old limdi house
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The Fairy Mountains

Mount Abu's beauty is hidden inside Jungles and
Mountains not known by general tourist and not
covered in any sight-seeing tour, you can enjoy a
once in a lifetime experience by visiting these places
in your Adventure tourism trip. We know the secret
trail that leads to the fountain of youth, if that’s not
convincing enough! follow us on a journey through
the mystical & magical place we live in.

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